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Design Consultation Basics

Our two-hour design consultation is great option especially for those new to hiring a designer. This consultation focuses on realizing a client’s vision for their space. We spend time listening to their design needs and areas of concern and end with a concrete plan of action.

Spending just a couple hours on a design consultation before starting a project can save clients considerable time and money in the long run. It also helps to ensure that the project truly reflects what a client wanted to change in their space and that they have the tools to make it happen. Additional benefits include:

  • Focused advice on your personal design wants or needs

  • Validation and the confidence to elevate your home’s aesthetic

  • Project steps and layout for tackling the design moving forward

  • Color, pattern, and texture coordination to offer the layered look that maximizes your design

  • Avoid costly mistakes through solid planning and hiring

  • Identify the actual look and style you seek and offering insight on how to achieve this goal

  • Approachable and affordable first-time experience with an interior designer

Examples of customers utilizing the design consultation:

1) Client was beginning a kitchen renovation and seeking help to decide whether to DIY project or hire a contractor. We helped them understand the process of running a kitchen renovation and selections involved, as well as providing input on the pros/cons of materials to use in kitchen.

2) Client wanted advice updating a dated home prioritizing areas to tackle. After listening to their ideas, they were given a priority list, color options, room layout pointers, lighting upgrade list, among various other suggestions.

We are excited to work with you to claim your space… contact us at:

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