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Updated: Feb 12, 2021

2020 certainly taught us how we live in our homes. By mid-March 2020, COVID-19 shut down orders began in Minnesota. Schools were closed and parents with school age children immediately pivoted to teaching while managing their professional lives. Humor and gratitude for our own financial and physical health led us out of our first two weeks of self-pity. Mindfulness continues to keep us grounded.

In the midst of this, I began to consider what Zimmer Design’s future held for 2020.

Instinctively, I was laser focused on our children’s needs. Family first! Fully, prepared to temporarily step back from my sole proprietor business and support my children’s learning. I was expecting business to slow. Instead, I have never been busier. I was now facing the unique challenge of managing school and a robust business. A challenge definitely worth having.

Zimmer Design has been busy with kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and offices; providing spatial plans and sourcing everything from cabinet hardware to entire living rooms. Homeowners, are seeking more space for their family to spread out (i.e., basements). Kitchen renos are in demand because we are left cooking at home ALL THE TIME! Working from home is here to stay and investing in that space is essential. An updated primary bedroom becomes more urgent as the demands on our home have changed and retreat spaces are needed.

Here are a few mindful home tips for 2021:

· Comfortable office: Work from home spaces with proper seating for eight hours. My tip to clients is to watch Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc.. for drastic deals on the beloved Herman Miller Aeron chair. We recently outfitted all our children's rooms with these items; considering them heirloom items to follow them through life. Our clients have been finding them deeply discounted as business move to remote work models and commercial sites unload office furniture. Upcycling is a lovely form of mindfulness.

· Functional beautiful kitchens: An easy to tidy kitchen is a functional kitchen. Everything has its place, counters are left uncluttered easing angst for meal prep . Break down what items you truly need in this space. Do you “need” five pizza cutters? Base cabinets with drawers is my preferred layout in any kitchen. Drawers are easily accessible, mitigating those hard to reach areas in your lower cabinets and way better to age into.

· Primary bedrooms : Adults absolutely need a place of their own. Even simple updates such as new linens and updated mattress help primary bedrooms feel refreshed. Personally we added a television (which is terrible feng shui) but it’s been a necessary survival for us at this time. Even designers break rules because we are human. Inexpensive updates would be to simply purchase fun second hand pottery planters and add greenery such as a lavender or rosemary. Their scent and presence encourages us to slow down.

· Recreational basement: If you can afford to finish your basement…do it. The added space is worth the investment. Start by examining how you will use the space and design with that in mind. Does it need a fitness or craft section? Don’t forget storage for sporting goods, luggage, holiday decorations, etc. Would your office be better in this space? Include an egress window in any basement design for safety and natural lighting.

· Energetic homes: When moving items in your space try being mindful of how subtle or drastic the changes make you feel. This may seem silly but it matters. We all have walked into a home and have immediately felt at ease or stressed. You deserve a peaceful home. Visualize what that looks like and start mimicking that in your home. If you can’t visualize it... hire a designer. Decluttering is my go to starting point. Next is being intentional with accessories: candles, diffusers, plants, art, and elements (e.g., metals/wood/stone). Where should they go and which colors or elements do you need in the space? Don’t be afraid to remove items.

Your home’s energy is layered and deserves your attention. My goal is to help client’s elevate their homes while incorporating needs and wants. Mindfulness is a core Zimmer Design value. May these tips bring intentionality to your home.

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