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5 Considerations When Planning Your Master Bedroom

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

1) What direction do your windows face?

Consider the natural light you will have in this space. Windows facing east will be met with the morning sun. Room darkening shades may be needed if you require a dark space to sleep with east windows. If possible avoid placing your bed under said window. You want a solid wall for your bed. Placing your bed under a window is a Feng Shui no-no. Build your room layout around the windows being mindful of lighting and grounding your bed on a solid wall offering you good energy and a restful space.

2) What colors soothe you?

What does your ideal restful space look like? Do you lean toward the cools of gray, white, and pale blues. Maybe you want a warm place with brown, beige and gold. One way to accommodate people with different color comforts is to start with a neutral white or cream palette. This could be done through wall color and bedding. You can then add accent colors to suit your individual needs. Wanting a warm vibe? Add a vibrant orange throw to the end or your bed, or a collection of various warm tone pillows, place a brown wood framed art work on your wall. If cool is your thing, then place a cool watercolor artwork in that wood framed wall art or add a gray accent chair. You can create a mutually beneficial master bedroom color scheme for each person’s design needs.

3) Is storage adequate?

Keep your master bedroom free from clutter. This is your place for respite not your office filing cabinet. First, invest in a closet storage system. This can be custom or DIY. Many large container stores sell closet storage solutions for affordable prices. The benefits will far out way your costs. Have a hamper to collect your dirty laundry. Preferably your laundry hamper would reside in your closet. Consider dresser draw inserts to store jewelry or accessories. You can also store those items in a hanging system in your closet. Aspire to keep your dresser tops minimally accented and well organized. Remember you want energy to flow around your bed. If possible, avoid storing items under your bed as it negatively impact your room's chi. Hopefully, ample and pragmatic storage will give you the calm oasis you deserve.

4) What are your lighting needs?

Whether your bedroom is large or small lighting is vital. You will want lighting on either side of your bed. This could be accomplished through wall sconces or table top lamps set on bedside tables. Keep bedside lighting balanced by having equal lights fixtures on either side of larger bed. This is a great opportunity to offer form and function in this space. Fun light fixtures in a unique shape or material (brass, glass, rattan, etc…) adds interest while being utilitarian. I strongly encourage placing overhead lighting on a dimmer; allowing the room’s ambiance to be adjusted.

5) Finally, how do you want to feel in your bedroom?

What do you visualize after your answer your feelings on the space? Let this response provide the vision for laying out your room and creating it’s style. Maybe you have artwork or an heirloom piece you desperately want in this space and decide to build your room’s vibe around this piece. If an airy calm space is your vision then keep the color scheme on the light side (white, cream, pale neutrals) and the linens soft and furniture clean lined. A warm cozy room is layered through, color, lighting, accessories and furniture. Whatever the feeling is you seek it can be enhanced using texture and pattern with linens, wall coverings, furniture, lighting and flooring. There are so many routes you may take once you have a vision for how this space should feel. Let feeling be your guide.

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